Production and sale of gel-varnishes

highquality gel-varnishes
5 years of experience in the market
of the nail industry allows us
easy to navigate in modern
trends and new products
At production are used
only 100% original Japanese
and European fundamentals
are very
The quality and hypoallergenic of our products is confirmed by the relevant
certificates and reviews of nail-masters

Products International Trade Chunshan until 2017 was represented by two well known lines of the three-part gel varnish HARUYAMA and USKUSI. Due to the rich color palette, high quality workmanship and affordable price, they have won the trust of many customers around the world.

In 2017 to its buyers and partners, we are pleased to offer a new range of varnishes LUSKYSS. The novelty is the result of innovative development, characterized by the highest quality of manufacture using the original foundations. For the convenience of our clients, we open our representative office in Russia. Now ordering products INTERNATIONAL TRADE CHUNSHAN will become more easy and affordable.

At any time you can contact with our Central office for any questions and suggestions related to the work of our representatives. We are always glad to cooperate!
Our products
Beautiful and resistant manicure-one of the most important components of the image of any woman. Unlike regular Polish, gel Polish Haruyama has increased wear. Gel varnish does not lose its glossy Shine during the entire period of wearing, protects the nail plate from external mechanical impact, thereby contributing to its strengthening. The popularity of gel-varnish Haruyama added a simple application technique. Palette of Haruyama consists of more than 1500 shades, which opens up endless possibilities for nail art. The palette has a collection of shades with "special effects", for example, "Chameleon" or "Cat's eye". In order to ensure that our customers are always be at the peak of fashion, the company's designers are constantly developing new collections of fashionable shades. Gel Polish Haruyama is one of the most stable, harmless and affordable.
The gel-varnishes Uskusi is one of the most fashionable new trends in nail art. Their excellent quality, very high level of hypoallergenic and very affordable price appreciated by thousands of grateful customers all over the world. When using Uskusi, you can forget about the harsh and unpleasant chemical smell, all varnishes in this series have a pleasant aroma, which makes the application procedure even more comfortable. The consistency and level of pigmentation of these gel-varnishes are such that they can be applied in one layer without reducing the decorative qualities of a manicure. Subject to application technology Uskusi provides bright and resistant coating for 3 weeks
Gel-varnishes Luskyss is another of the latest developments of the company International Trade Chunshan.

Advantages of our gel Polish:

• Color palette (455 colors)
• Dense, rich colors
• Premium hypoallergenic materials
• Free of toxic substances
• Worn for 3 weeks without chipping and discoloration
• LED / UV polymerization
• The coating is easily removed without harm to the nail plate
• Do not have a pungent smell
• Affordable retail price
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